Episode 07 – Special Guest, Josh Bernstein of JDBMedia

Episode 07 – Special Guest, Josh Bernstein of JDBMedia

Show Notes for March 18, 2019

Join Val and Nicole as we chat with guest, Josh Bernstein of JDBMedia.com, Josh Bernstein Media. Josh has dozens of years experience in media buying channels, with the last ten years being with Google Ads (formerly Adwords). Get ready for an important, albeit tech-y, hour of learning how that world of paid search works.

Topics we touched on:

CThe difference between marketing and paid ads
* The Pay Per Click model of Facebook vs. the Google model of Keywords
* Paid Search Advertising as an “on-demand” medium
* The goal is to get qualified clicks to your website… what happens after that is up to your website for conversions and sales.
* Ad Groups consist of three parts (keywords, landing page, ad copy)
* Google’s role is to reward successful advertising!
* What to ask when looking for a Google Ad Certified partner
* What to expect when you start a Google Ad campaign

* And why Nicky loves her coffee maker and Val sticks to her tea.

Josh’s digits:


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